Karl Barth's 14-Volume Church Dogmatics


Barth’s impact on the study of theology is immense, not only in his systematic and dogmatic constructions, but also in his construal of the history of church doctrine. One of Barth’s legacies was the inauguration of generations of historiography that sought to distinguish between the core insights of the Reformation and in the Barthian judgment the scholastic trappings that shrouded Calvin and to a greater extent the succeeding generations of Protestant orthodox theologians. Jordan J. Ballor

My wife and father teamed up to buy me Karl Barth’s 14-volume English translation of Church Dogmatics, making this (my 48th) one of the more meaningful birthday celebrations since childhood.

I’ve already situated the set on my desktop shelves, right here in front of my laptop, just above my Collected C.G. Jung.

I know, I know — my enthusiasm will not be shared by most.

For me, however, to be confronted daily by this much intellectual virtuosity, knowledge, synthesis and insight is a mystical boon — and if you’ve ever read the prose of either Barth or Jung (even in translation), you know what a stream-of-consciousness psychedelic experience it often is.

Now, the most amazing part.

This set is priced at the publisher’s website for $995.00 US. At Amazon, they’ve got it for $671.62.

But… at Christianbook, you, too, may receive this theological treasure for the low, low price of… $99.00.

Or… if you’re really into this thing, you can cough up $395.00 (down from $1095.00) at Christianbook for a paperback Church Dogmatics Study Edition 31-volume set, from T&T Clark International. For the extra bucks, you get the original German beside a revised English translation — and, hey, it’s only money, right?

As for me, I couldn’t be happier than to receive this handsome Hendrickson hardback set, into which I am about to dive headlong.