Michael Hawkins has been a jhana yogi since February, 2005, and has studied and practiced in various Eastern traditions since 1991. He is a meditation teacher/mentor and is in the process of creating retreat opportunities for his students and fellow contemplatives.

He was also raised in a Protestant Christian family. His father, grandfather, multiple uncles and great-uncles, and now a cousin have all served as ministers — mostly in the Pentecostal/Assemblies of God movement, though his father is a Presbyterian theologian and minister who predominantly works with the migrant Hispanic community in southern New Mexico.

Michael left the church in 1982 and has rarely stepped inside of one since. Perhaps the reason for this will emerge in a post or two at this blog.

Despite being isolated from the church for nearly 30 years, Michael frequently daydreams about enrolling in a seminary and joining his family heritage as a minister. These thoughts are usually accompanied by a suspicion of mental derangement, necessitating an immediate return to the meditation cushion.